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Our Process

1. You fill out our quick and easy form,
and hit submit.


2. Ross Paulovich instantly receives your application, and he will contact you and confirm your information.

3. And sends your application to Max Heersink, who gets you approved.

4. You will be handed the keys to your new vehicle, and begin building and strengthening your credit.

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“Hi my name is Ross and I will be the first person to contact you after submitting your application! I will work for you alongside our Financial Service Manager, Max Heersink. My goal is to get you driving today in the right vehicle!”

“Once Ross has contacted you, I will be representing you to the bank, getting you the approval you need for auto financing. I can offer the best interest rates no matter what the circumstances, I work for you, not the bank. I look forward to helping you soon.”

About Us

“Everyone Drives’ mission is to help you get approved for auto financing, get you behind the wheel and get you driving. No matter your current circumstances or past issues, you will soon be handed the keys to your new vehicle while building and strengthening your credit. Everyone, everybody, drives.”

Simply getting people approved for automotive financing is not enough for us here at Everyone Drives. We want to help improve our customers’ lives. We strive to do this by helping people repair damaged credit through realistic opportunities for auto loan approvals. We understand that people are more than a credit score. We have a commitment to help people like you. We do this for everyone.


Plain and simple, we are here to help you. To get started, just fill out our easy, one page online loan application, making sure that all of the information is accurate.

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3316 1 Avenue South
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Toll Free – 1-866-982-8576
Text us – 403-393-5995

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